Man vs Bee (2022)

Directed by David Kerr

Starring Rowan Atkinson

Few people have made me laugh like Atkinson as Mr. Bean. A character that to this day makes me laugh without saying a word. He is a master of physical comedy. If you have not seen Mr. Bean go to YouTube and check it out.

In this series, Atkinson plays Trevor a House sitter who gets tangles in a war against a

bee in the house.

The series has 9 episodes, but they are very short episodes and they can be seen all at once. The show was funny, Atkinson still has that ability to make me laugh with his expressions and the things he does. This is similar to what he used to do as Mr. Bean, and even though Mr. Bean is funnier, Man vs Bee still managed to make me laugh.

It has a simple but efficient story and the things he does to get rid of the bee are just funny.

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