Cha Cha Real Smooth (2022)

Directed by Cooper Raiff

Starring Dakota Johnson, Cooper Raiff, Brad Garrett, Leslie Mann

I came across this movie on Apple TV and just by the title it looked like a weird but interesting movie. I added it to my watchlist and without knowing much about it, I saw the movie today. I have to say Apple TV is not, at least to my knowledge, among the most used streaming service but they have released a few good movies.

This film is a coming of age story focused on Andrew. He recently graduated from college and not knowing what to do goes back home. He then takes his brother to a party and becomes a party starter for Bar Mitzvah for kids at his brother’s school. There he meets and forms a friendship with Domino and her daughter Lola.

This movie was a complete surprise. I quickly fell in love with the story and the fact that it had good characters that felt real and the story was moving and funny and realistic in the directions the movie went. It did not need any forced drama or forced comedy because it was all present more organically through the story itself. Also, it did not feel like a one-dimensional film because it had different characters each influencing in their way the main character’s journey.

I have seen a few Dakota Johnson movies and I’m starting to become a fan. Weirdly enough I have not seen the 50 shades films, I loved her performance in The Peanut Butter Falcon and the Lost Daughter. Here she once again gives a sweet and perfect performance as this mysterious and complex character. Cooper who also wrote and directed the movie also gave a good performance as Andrew, even though the character was lost and at times acted out immaturely, he was never an unlikeable character at least for me. Leslie Mann was also great as Andrew’s mother. It is always good to see Brad Garrett I am a fan of his work. Vanesa Burghardt who played Domino’s daughter gives a touching and beautiful performance.

For me, Apple has released some great films like Coda. And this one I will add to the list because I loved the movie.

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