Stryper: Calling on you tour 2022

The night started with great rock and roll music in the halls of the Coca-Cola Music Hall as we all waited for the concert to begin. The concert started at exactly 8:30 pm when the band Mr. Scary took the stage to open up for Stryper. I had never heard them before but they sounded great. They seem to be a Dokken cover band. They sang 4 to 6 songs and then what we came for.

At around 9:30 and with the song “In God we Trust”, Stryper started to treat those present with rock and roll at its best. The band sounded amazing and Michael can still sing. Stryper is one of the few metal bands that still sound great and still make great new music. Then the band went deep into the catalog with the songs “Revelations”, “The Rock that makes me roll”, Loving You”, “More than a Man” and “Surrender”, all great songs, and the band was great. But then the crowd went wild as they sang one of my favorite songs “Calling on You”. Other songs that they played included “Honestly”, the beautiful “This I pray, and “Divider” and finished the night with the crowd singing along to the song “To hell with the devil”.

The venue was great because anywhere in the house the band was visible. And that was simply great. The band did not disappoint the fans there, or at least me, they played with heart, passion and gave it all on the stage.

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