Good Luck to you, Leo Grande (2022)

Directed by Sophie Hyde

Starting Emma Thompson and Daryl McCormack

This is a Hulu original film that is now available to stream. I saw the trailer and it looked interesting. I read a lot of people who loved the movie, it has a very good score on Rotten Tomatoes, so I guess I had to see it to see for myself.

The story is about Nancy Stoker, she is a widower who is looking to have a meaningful sex encounter after faking for years with her husband. She hires a young sex worker and they meet in a hotel room.

It is a simple premise and one that has been studied before in terms of the older woman and the younger man, not as directly as this one because this one is just about sex, not a relationship. I have to be honest, I did not enjoy the movie as much as those others seemed. I am not saying it’s bad, but to me, it came to a point where the film became tiresome and uninteresting. I guess this movie was not for me, I just did not connect with the characters and the dialogue between them. I think it has a story but maybe for a shorter film where it does not take so many meetings and so much dialogue to reach the point of the film.

The performances are great, that has to be said. Emma Thompson was very bold and very deep in the role of Nancy. She is a great actress and here in terms of her performance, she does not disappoint. Daryl, I had not seen before but was able to hold his own alongside an acting legend like Thompson, and both shine in the movie.

The movie is available on Hulu in case you want to see it. Maybe the movie was not for me, but it has received many good reviews so in this case, you have to see for yourself and see in what category you fall into.

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