Father of the bride (2022)

Directed by Gary Alazraki

Starring Andy Garcia, Gloria Estefan, Adria Arjona, Diego Boneta, Chloe Fineman,

Another remake, but in the case of this movie the Steve Martin movies were also a remake of a version that starred Elizabeth Taylor, so this one like A Star is born, has had a few remakes. But what may work for A Star is born was that they took the concept and idea but each was different, one was an actress and the other two were about musicians. Would it work for this version?

The story is about the Herrera family. Billy and Ingrid are having trouble and when they are about to announce they are getting divorced, their daughter tells them she is getting married. They hide the news to prepare for the wedding and all that craziness of having a wedding.

Here we go with another remake. For me, it was inevitable to see it and think of the Steve Martin version. They changed a few things that made it different like in this case the stress for the father is not the money is the fact that he wants a big wedding, but the bride and groom don’t. It has the same elements as the wedding planner, with the two families competing among other things.

For those who have not seen the Steve Martin films, I think they will enjoy the movie. It is not a perfect film, but it is a nice entertaining film. For me where it failed was in hitting that sentimental mark that the Steve Martin version did. It was funny but the father and daughter bond felt stronger than how it felt in this version.

The cast is a good one. Andy Garcia is a great actor and it was good seeing him again, Gloria Estefan did a great job as the mother of the bride. Adrian Arjona is an actress on the rise and she has talent. Chloe Fineman is a great comedic actress but trying to recreate the Martin Short character is hard. She was good but the character itself was not as funny. The cast overall was very good for the film.

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