The card counter (2021)

Directed by Paul Schrader

Starring Oscar Isaacs, Tiffani Haddish, Willem Dafoe, and Tye Sheridan

The movie looked interesting based on the premise and it had a good cast and that is the main reason I was drawn to see it as it arrived on HBO Max.

The story is about William Tell, we first see him in jail and when he gets out he starts playing in the casino as he learned how to count cards and win. There he meets La Linda and she offers him a backer to go on a poker tour. He first declines but when he meets Cirk he changes his mind. Cirk is a kid who wants to avenge his father by killing Major Gordo who was the commanding officer of an operation that William was a part of as well as Cirk’s father. Cirk’s father was affected by the mission and he killed himself and he blamed Major Gordo.

It has an interesting story but in the end, the film for me at least was disappointing. I was honestly disinterested in the film within the first half-hour of the movie. I think the characters just felt flat and felt so boring to me. The pace of the movie is so slow and I don’t mind that but in this case, the characters just were not that interesting or the kind that would grab the audience, or at least they did not grab me. The gambling scenes were not exciting or at least suspenseful, it was the same tone as the main character, silent and slow.

It had a good cast but I did not feel as if they were into the film that much. It felt like a performance done because they are professionals and they just did it. But not even that was good enough for me to at least say that was good in the film.

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