Firestarter (2022)

Directed by Keith Thomas

Starting Zac Efron, Ryan Kiera Armstrong, Kurtwood Smith,

Yet another remake, this time is Stephen King’s Firestarter. The original was made in 1984 and starred a young Drew Barrymore. I honestly remember the original in terms of the poster and it’s existence but I never got to see it. So I wanted to see this version because for me it would be new.

The story follows Andy and Victoria and her daughter Charlie. They went through a series of tests for something called Lot -6 and the side effects were that he got the power to make anyone do what he wants and Victoria can move things. Charlie has their abilities and based on her emotions she can cause a fire. When accidentally Charlie burns the bathroom at school they are pursued to study the girl.

I was disappointed by this movie. The trailer showed that the movie would be scary or at least suspenseful. For me, it was neither. I don’t know about the book or the other film, but this telling of that story was not that good in my opinion. The movie did not make me feel scared or intrigued about what might happen. I can’t compare it with the 1984 version because I have not seen it. I am glad I saw it on streaming and not in a theater because I don’t think it’s worth the money, this is a film to see at home if you want to see it.

I have no problem with the performances, I have seen Zac Efron in other films and he is a good actor, but the script and the film have little things for them to work on and give something other than cliche performances.

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