Senior Year (2022)

Directed by Alex Hardcastle

Starring Rebel Wilson, Zoe Chao, Mary Holland, Justin Hartley, Chris Parnell,

The film is about Steph, on her 14th birthday she decides after an encounter with Tiffani and Blain that she wanted to be part of the cool kids. So she makes all the necessary changed and manages to become popular. She believes that being prom queen is her ticket to a perfect life. Suddenly she has an accident and falls into a coma for 20 years and decides to go back to high school and be prom queen.

I don’t mind the typical high school story but for me, this one did not work. The story itself has been done before and better for example Never been kissed, is not a masterpiece but a more enjoyable movie. The story is so cliche about being popular and leaving behind uncool friends. I just did not find it funny and I don’t even mind if a film is not funny if something else shines but in this film nothing did. The characters are so cliche and so unlikable at least for me.

I know that comedy films that are hanging on the talent of their star will find success if the film is so right that you just laugh or you are a fan of the comedian. Will Ferrell is a perfect example many people hate his films and those who saw him on SNL like most of them. This film depends on Rebel Wilson and I liked her performance in Jo-Jo Rabbit, but in terms of her comedy in this film, it was not for me. The actors are all very good, but the characters have no originality and depth.

I always say that every movie has an audience and I just give my opinion, but if you wanted to see it because you might like it, but if you had no real interest in this one, I might skip it.

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