The Imitation game (2014)

Directed by Morten Tyldum

Starring Benedict Cumberbatch, Keira Knightley, Mathew Goode

As I said when I reviewed the film The Survivor, I am amazed at all the stories from the second world war, Hitler, and the Holocaust. Here is another remarkable movie and story about the war and the people who shaped it.

The story is about Alan Turing. He is a brilliant mathematician who leads a secret team trying to break the German Enigma code. This could help Britain know the German’s moves and win the war. Alan has to go against people who did not believe in a machine he was building that could more effectively decode Enigma.

The movie I thought was very good. It has a lot of suspense as they are trying to break the code and get the machine to work. Turing was an interesting character and his story is great to know, one because of the secrecy no one knew about what they all did, and second the inhumane way he was treated even after all he did just because he was a homosexual. I am glad I saw the film, it is not the greatest of films but it does have a lot of good things in the movie.

Benedict was amazing in the film. His performance is brilliant and moving and right on point. Keira is also great in the film as her character also faces challenges just for being a woman. The cast is great and all enhance the film with their performance.

Great performances and a great story based on real events make this a good film to see.

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