Winning time (2022)

Starring John C. Riley, Quincy Isiah, Jason Clarke, Adrien Brody, Sally Field, Jason Segel, Solomon Hughes

This new HBO Max series has been met with a lot of negative responses coming from all those whose lives are being portrayed on screen. This happens a lot of times when based on real people. Is it worth watching?

The main focus of the show is the rise of the Lakers as they get a new owner and a rookie named Earvin Magic Johnson. It takes a look at the season and its ups and downs on the road to winning the title.

I can see why someone like Jerry West is angry by the way he is portrayed in the series. He did not seem like the West known in the NBA. I don’t know about accuracy so I decided to keep seeing as a series with some elements of things that happened. If you want accuracy to see Magic’s Documentary on Apple TV. The show is entertaining at best, it has a lot of drama, and the basketball scenes should have been better but it was ok.

The best thing the show has is the cast. John C. Riley is great as Jerry Buss. He got the look down, he looked a lot like Jerry. Sally Field was amazing as always and so were the known and veteran actors and the ones that played the players at least for me this is my first time seeing them.

As a show and nothing more, Winning time is entertaining and interesting.

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