Dear Evan Hansen (2021)

Directed by Stephen Chbosky

Starring Ben Platt, Kaitlyn Dever, Amanda Totenberg, Julian Moore, Amy Adams

I knew coming into this film that it was a musical. Few things motivated me to give it a chance. One is the cast, Amy, Julian, and Kaitlyn are great actresses and I love their work. The other is the story, it looked good. So, when the movie popped up I decided to see the movie.

Evan is struggling with depression and is a loner at school when one day he writes a letter to himself as his doctor told him to. When Connor reads it and sees his sister’s name in it, he believes it’s meant to bully him and he takes the letter angry. Connor commits suicide and the family finds the letter and believes that Evan is the key to having more from their son he reluctantly plays along and in the process his life changes.

What can I say about the movie? First of all and no surprise for me, the movie would have been better without the singing. I would have been equally moved just by the story. The singing was not as bad as in other musicals but still, I think it would have worked without the singing, but it is based on a Broadway musical. The movie has a nice story, was predictable in some aspects but it does not ruin the film. Because of the subject it is a touching movie and I did get emotional at times but some characters felt too unreal, for instance, I don’t think anyone would have believed so easily the lies they were told. So as a story is nice and it is not completely bad.

The cast around the main character shined. Kaitlyn Dever continues to impress me with her performances, just see her on the series Dopesick and Unbelievable. Julian Moore and Amy Adams do the best they could with their characters. The cast had good actors but the film just did not have good characters, it had a nice concept for a story but the characters fell a bit flat for me.

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