Amor de Madre (2022)

Directed by Paco Caballero

Starring Carmen Machi, Quim Gutiérrez, Justina Bustos,

Just in case you look for this film, on Netflix is under the title “Honeymoon with my mother”. I saw the picture of the film on the suggestions made by Netflix and I decided to see it because of Carmen Machi. She starred in one of the funniest shows I’ve seen, Aida, and in many films, mainly from Spain.

The story starts as Jose Luis is about to get married to Teresa, but there at the altar and in front of everyone she leaves him and runs away with another man. His mother convinces him to go on the honeymoon trip anyway but with her and not let the vacation go to waste. There they will finally know each other.

I have to start by saying that the story has been done more or less, at least in concept, so the success of the film for me would be on the characters and what the story does through them. One thing I can say is that I thought the movie was going to be funnier, I laughed at a few scenes but not as much as I thought. So in terms of comedy, the film lacked enough funny moments for me, but the story and what went on with the two characters made up a nice story and a nice film to see. Predictably, the mother and son would connect but it was the journey and the growth of the character that kept me watching the movie until the end. It has a nice story and a light fun movie to see, I say fun because even if it’s not a laugh full film, it is enjoyable.

The performance of Carmen Machi shines in the film even if she seems to bring laughter easier in other roles, here that felt forced to me, but her performance was moving and entertaining still. The rest of the cast varies from cliché to good enough for the film. The best part was the chemistry between Machi and Gutiérrez, as mother and son.

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