The survivor (2021)

Directed by Barry Levinson

Starring Ben Foster, Viky Krieps, Billy Magnussen, Peter Sarsgaard, John Leguizamo, and Danny DeVito.

It is amazing to me how many touching stories have been told about the Holocaust and I can only think of the many that remain untold. One of the worst moments in human history, hard to see but I think it matters that movies are made about it in the hope something like that never happens again. I did not know the movie dealt with them until I started to see the movie.

The story begins as Harry Halt is walking with Leah on the streets. When they get separated as they are taken to the camps, his main goal in life is to find her again. He is known as the survivor of Auschwitz as he makes his living as a boxer, looking to become famous in the hope Leah reads about him and goes to him.

I am always deeply affected by movies that deal with this subject because what was done is just so cruel and even more when it is based on a real person and his story. The movie is well done, it tells the current story of Harry and we learn of his past through a series of flashbacks. It is horrible what he had to do to survive and thankfully in terms of the camps it only has one graphic scene, the rest concentrates on fights and nothing strong as other films would have, but that was the right thing to do because even though it is an important part of the story and central to the character, it is not the main problem or situation in the film, for me was finding Leah.

Ben Foster is an intense actor, I have seen him in other films and I like his performances. Here he gives a good performance and this is a character that required a lot from an actor because it is a character filled with sadness, regrets, and anger and he was able to play the part without overdoing it. The supporting cast was great to see, from Leguizamo to Dany DeVito.

I enjoyed the film, I dreaded starting it because it lasted two hours but it did not feel like it because it had good boxing scenes, great acting, and a good story.

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