Mermaids (1990)

Directed by Richard Benjamin

Starring Cher, Winona Ryder, Bob Hoskins

I wanted to see this movie again for a long time. It was hard to find until I finally found it on Prime. This is a film that remains in my memories when I look back at the 90s, can’t say why but it does.

The story is about Ms. Flax and her two daughters. Every time something happens she moves to another town. As the film starts they move to a little town in Massachusetts. Charlotte continues to struggle with confusion and her relationship with her mother.

I remembered the movie but not the details because I had not seen it in a while. I still love the movie. It has a lot of heart and it is all in the characters. Charlotte’s thoughts are funny yet seem genuine. Ms. Flax is a woman who is a mystery, hard to catch, and interesting to see. Lou provides the drama as he challenges Ms. Flax to confront her fears as he offers a true relationship. I just love the story and the evolution of the characters.

Cher gives a great performance as Ms. Flax. It is a complex character in some ways. Winona shines as Charlotte a character needing to find herself. Bob Hoskins provides light-hearted humor for the film. But it is Cher and Winona’s chemistry as mother and daughter that makes this film great for me.

The ending for me is an example of what movies can do, capture a moment so simple yet says it all. A good song and great actors doing their jobs. It gets me every time!

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