Crush (2022)

Directed by Sammi Cohen

Starring Rowan Blanchard, Auli’i Cravalho, Megan Mullally, Aasif Mandvi

I knew that this movie was going to be aimed at teens and be the typical teenage romance comedy, but I wanted to see it because I liked Rowan Blanchard’s work on Girl meets world, the show that was made as a continuation of the 90’s show Boy meets world. Anyway, a good film transcends the age they might be aimed for so I gave them a shot.

The story is about Paige Evans. She is about to graduate and go to art college but she needs to hand in an artwork that shows her happiest moments and she is struggling with that assignment. Meanwhile, at school, someone made a mural and she is getting blamed for it, to not get suspended, she makes a deal that she will find who did it and join the track team. on the track team is her crush and she struggles between her and a new crush.

The movie has a few flaws, at least in my opinion. The story between Paige and AJ was nice and watchable. Where the film fails for me is the characters, other than Paige, AJ, and Gabby, the rest are so forced out to be funny that they just aren’t funny. Paige’s mother for example was a character that was not funny at all and just felt so forced in the way it was written. Paige’s two best friends who can’t keep their hands off each other, that joke ran out quickly and it became boring after a while. The principal was a horrible character, tried hard to be funny when that should work easily with a well-developed character.

The love story and Paige’s journey were fine and enjoyable. For me what ruined it was the characters that supported the main story. The writer had a good idea of a love story but had no idea how to add other characters to the story. Of course, this film was not aimed at me so maybe I’m being unfair, I don’t know. So maybe if you are 42 like me, you can skip this one or see it and maybe I’m the only one that felt this way.

Rowan was the main reason I saw it and she has a charm in her performances I think she is a good actress and I hope she gets better roles, I know she is in the show Snowpiercer which I have not seen. The rest of the cast did their best with the characters they were given, Meagan and Aasif are good actors but here they just felt dull and flat with these bad characters.

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