The age of Adaline (2015)

Directed by Lee Toland Krieger

Starring Blake Lively, Harrison Ford, Kathy Baker, Michiel Huisman

I ended up renting this movie because I saw a clip on Facebook and I was intrigued by the scene and that Harrison Ford was in it. I remember the movie when it came out, I just never got to see it. The movies we miss, but glad that they stay around to be found.

The story is about Adaline Bowman, she was living a normal life until she had an accident and a bolt of lightning brought her back to life but altered her aging process. For decades she remained 29 years and she lived alone until meeting Ellis.

What a beautiful movie. I don’t remember or read anything about how the movie was received but I loved the film. It has a unique story because of the supernatural aspect of her not aging and the love story. This for me is an example of a story done right because it did not go to where other films would have gone. There were things I thought were going to happen just by knowing what was going on but they did not and that made me love the film more because it would have ruined the film.

The cast was amazing. This is the first movie that I can remember that starred Blake Lively and she was great. I liked her performance. Is hard to explain how she was able to express the sorrow and sadness of this character, and the hope by the end, lovely performance. Harrison Ford and Kathy Baker were also great. Ellen Burstyn was a surprise because I did not know she was in the movie and she was also great.

I thought this was a good movie, I loved the characters and the story.

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