Conversations with a killer: The John Wayne Gacy tapes.

In the line of other limited series with the same concept of hearing tapes from known serial killers, this time Netflix focuses on John Wayne Gacy. These are documentaries that you wish never existed. Yet, I always see them because it remains to me unbelievable the evil in some people and to try to hear them and get some understanding of why were they what they were, even if sometimes it’s just pure evil.

I knew the name John Wayne Gacy but I had little knowledge of the extent of his crimes. This limited series uses audiotapes from Gacy and people involved in all aspects of his case as well as the victim’s family members to tell the story of what he did and how they finally got him.

It was hard to see this and hear that evil man speak of his victims as if they meant nothing, he even said that he removes one body like when removing things on your bed to sleep, no remorse in that man. So I can’t say that this is for everyone, the ending where they paid tribute to the more than 30 victims left me sad in all honesty. And then that message for people who believe a family member could have been a victim to call the police because some remain unidentified.

Talking about the documentary it was interesting and was very detailed and treated the subject with sensitivity towards the victims, at least I felt it like that.

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