The Call (2013)

Directed by Brad Anderson

Starring Halle Berry, Abigail Breslin, Morris Chestnut

I saw this film on Netflix and I remember knowing about the film but I never saw it. It reminded me of a recent film about an emergency call operator called The Guilty. I decided to give it a go and see the movie.

The movie starts as Jordan turner is attending to an emergency call from a girl calling about a man entering her house. Years later, Jordan tries to help a girl who was abducted from a mall and was kept in the back of the trunk.

This is an old film but I must say, I was so tense seeing this film. As a thriller, the film works and keeps building up as each attempt fails. Not a perfect movie, but it kept me tense as we had so little idea about the purpose of the kidnapping and what the guy was capable of doing. The ending for me was disappointing, I think it was unreal and easy. But other than that, I liked the movie and I think it achieves the main goal of thrilling the audience.

Halle Berry gives a great performance, but it was Abigail’s performance that stood out for me. As I read about the actor who played the kidnapper, he is known for portraying creepy characters and I must say he does it well.

If you want a good film to keep you in suspense, I think this movie is a good option.

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