They call me Magic (2022)

When it comes to the NBA there are no players bigger to me than Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Larry Bird. We got to see a different side of Michael with the Last Dance and now it’s Magic turn. With the HBO series going on and speaking as someone who is seeing the show, I think it was good for Magic to do this and tell it like it is because that show is portraying everyone badly. After all, the purpose of the show is ratings, even with the truths in it, it feels like it has a lot of made-up things which is fine.

The documentary uses new interviews made with people in his family as well as other NBA players. The documentary consists of four episodes and it’s mostly guided by Earvin himself as he takes us through his story. I liked that they went directly to his basketball career and not go that deep into his childhood or it’s covered in between the other things. Like ESPN documentary The Last Dance served to show newer generations just how great Michael Jordan was, the same can be said about this documentary as it shows just how great a player was Magic Johnson.

I have to say I loved it because I learned a lot about Magic that I did not know or knew vaguely. Beyond anything else, I was inspired by his life and his attitude to always fight. the first two parts were great as they focused on his playing career mostly, it also talked about other things but it focused on his college days and his battles with Larry Bird and the championships. The third episode for me is when it gets better as we see the person and his fight to right and educate others at a time when people with HIV were not treated fairly.

I think this is a great documentary for fans of Magic and fans of the game. But even if you are not a fan of basketball, it is still a great documentary about the human spirit and about never giving up.

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