The House (2017)

Directed by Andrew Jay Cohen

Starring Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler

I am huge of Saturday Night Live and have been for many years. Will Ferrell is among my favorite SNL performer. He was fearless and was willing to go places few would dare during a sketch. But few have achieved the same level of success after SNL in other projects. Amy has been funny as side characters in films like Blades of Glory (also with Ferrell). I like both comedians, but with Ferrell is a coin toss, some films work while others don’t.

The story of this film is about the Johansen family. They are a close family and their daughter is about to go to college and they are depending on the town’s scholarship to send her to the school she wants. When the town’s councilman decides not to give the scholarship, Scott and Kate decide to open a casino to earn the money needed for their daughter’s college education.

Comedy is hard to review because every and can find different things funny and what is funny to me might not be for you, but here I go. I thought the idea was interesting, having this clean-cut couple run a Casino to afford college for their daughter. But the film for me was not funny. It had its funny moments but for me, they were few, and this despite the great efforts by Ferrell and Poehler. I liked the story and enjoyed the movie but as a comedy for me, it fell flat.

Amy and Ferrell worked well together and had some funny moments, but for me not enough to say that this is a funny film. It had some funny moments but not enough for me.

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