Julian Lennon: Everything Changes (2011)

Produced by Julian Lennon, Mark Spiro, and Grant Ransom

It is unfair that many times an artist has a famous father he is measured against the works of the father. It must be hard for Julian when he is the son of John Lennon, a man part of the greatest musical legacy with The Beatles and his solo work. Made worse when Lennon died, Julian was used because of his similar looks and voice, and that was unfair because they missed promoting a unique artist in his own right. Julian has said in interviews how he feels great doing photographs because his father did not do that and he can’t be compared to him. I have been listening to Julian’s music and he is a talented artist and songwriter.

Everything Changes is his last album for now as he is about to release a new album called Jude, about Hey Jude being inspired by Julian. Everything Changes is a great album. Musically the album varies from ballads to pop songs, but I think the songs are carefully crafted. The album features guest vocals by Steven Tyler on the song Someday. I am listening to the album again as I write this review and I find myself appreciating it even more. I feel the songs have good lyrics and great melody.

I think Julian achieved a good album, it is a shame that he makes albums with a lot of time in between albums, this album was released in 2011 and it took 10 years for him to release new music and I don’t think it has anything to do with lack of songs.

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