All the Old Knives (2022)

Directed by Janus Mertz Pedersen

Starring Chris Pine, Thandiwe Newton, Lawrence Fishbourne, Jonathan Pryce

Using the last of my free period on Amazon, I checked to see if there was a new film to see. I saw this one and I checked the cast and since it had a good one I decided to see it.

The film centers around Henry and Celia, they are both in the CIA station in Vienna, and they respond to a hijacked plane situation. The situation ends in tragedy and after that Henry and Celia who were lovers get separated because Celia left. 8 years later Henry is asked to investigate a mole that was in the agency at the time of the hijacked plane and this means he had to investigate Celia to find the truth.

What can I say about the film? It was not as thrilling or suspenseful as I thought it would be. The story is good and it deep keeps me interested, but not in suspense, it was more the feeling of since I started it let’s see how it ends. The film is carried by the performances in my opinion. I’m not saying the movie is bad because it is not, I just thought the film would be more intense, but it was just the two characters talking as they tell the story through flashbacks. I think the story is enough to keep you interested but not caught up in suspense or tense about not knowing what is going on.

As I said, the cast was the best thing about the film. Chris Pine and Thandiwe Newton are good together. Fishbourne like always gives a great supporting performance.

SI thought it was a good film, not the best spy thriller.

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