Fresh (2022)

Directed by Mimi Cave

Starring Sebastian Stan, Daisy Edgar Jones

I had this film on my watchlist for a while. I had no idea what was the film about, other than I thought it was an abusive relationship, I knew it had something to do with dating. I can’t say that I was that keen on seeing it, that is why it took me a while to see it. I have to say it was not what I expected.

The story is about Noa, she has had bad luck dating when suddenly she meets Steve. He is charming and decent she starts to date him, but without knowing much about him she decides to go on a weekend with him where she finds out who Steve is.

As I saw the film the title suddenly made sense. It was an unexpected turn for me because I had no idea about it. As it turns out this was a horror film. The movie is upsetting and disturbing but yet it grabs you and you need to see how it ends. Once I saw what was going on I was quickly in suspense as I thought about how was this character going to survive and in what state because in some horror films the main character does not always leave unharmed. It was not graphic but that I think makes it a bit worse, it is all about the characters and their reactions to the situation and your imagination. Because I remember the film I know who killed me that was graphic and gross and that made me turn away from the screen, not the movie in terms of suspense or scared. I would like to know what horror fans feel about this movie because I enjoy horror films but they are not my favorites.

Sebastian Stan was great in the film, his performance had some moments that reminded me of Bale’s performance in American Psycho, not that it was the same. And I had never seen Daisy Edgar-Jones before but she was good in the movie and they both had to because they are the main forces in the movie. They worked and looked good together.

I enjoyed the movie and as a thriller/horror film it works. It is a bit disturbing but it can be tolerated because it was not a graphic movie.

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