Minx (2022)

Created by Ellen Rapoport

Starring Ophelia Lovibond, Jake Johnson, Michael Angarano, Jessica Lowe,

The shows that HBO Max is offering on their streaming service so far have been very good for the most part. I have not seen them all, but the ones I have seen, the majority of them have been entertaining shows. This one had an interesting premise and I decided to see it.

The story is about Joyce Prigger. She is a feminist that has a dream of publishing her magazine for women. When she goes to this convention of publishers looking for ideas to publish she is rejected by all of them except one, Doug Renetti. There is one catch, he is looking to make the first erotic magazine for women, so, she can write the articles but the magazine will have nude men on it.

I have to say that I thought the show was very funny. The way the character of Joyce is thrown into this world with Doug and how she fights all the forces against it, I thought was well written and done with humor but yet the message of the power of what she was trying to do as a woman was never the source of laughter. The dynamic between Doug and Joyce is what gives the show its main spark, but all the characters shine in the story. The episodes are short so it is an easy show to see, in that sense. The one thing I did not like and that is depending on if there will be a second season, is that the finale did not resolve a few things and was left hanging, but if the plans are for another season then I understand why there left like that.

Ophelia Lovibond was great as Joyce, she was funny but also played the role with the dignity worthy of her character. Above all and whether we agree with her or not, she was trying to give women a voice and her performance is convincing enough that we believe the character. Jake Johnson is also very funny. Jake and Ophelia played so well against each other and that worked great for the show.

The show is not for everyone, it is graphic in the images and the topics. But I liked the show, I thought it was funny and had something to say.

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