Little Italy (2018)

Directed by Donald Petrie

Starring Emma Roberts, Hayden Christensen, Danny Aiello, Alyssa Milano,

I have to be honest, the one reason I gave this film a chance is that Hayden is in it. I am a fan of his acting and I have not seen him in a movie in a while.

The story is about Nikki and Leo, their families used to be close and worked together in a pizza place. Something happens that the two families start a war against each other. Years later Nikki returns from London and she finds that everything is still the same. Nikki and Leo have always liked each other but are caught in the middle of the family war.

I can enjoy a good romantic comedy. I can say that I enjoyed this film. I found the story to be very charming and with heart. Of course, it is filled with cliches of the genre but if you forgive that aspect of the film, I think you can enjoy the movie. It all comes down to the characters and how they are written. I liked the two main characters and their story. The family and the war part of the story had its good moments.

Hayden Christensen is a good actor and he has better films and performances, but he does the job and gives a good performance. Emma Roberts is also good in the film. The best in terms of performance were Danny Aiello and Andrea Martin.

This is a charming movie nothing more and nothing less. Enjoyable if you like the genre.

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