The Night House (2021)

Directed by David Bruckner

Starring Rebeca Hall, Sarah Goldberg, Evan Jonigkeit,

I have to say that I like the horror genre but I admit I get scared easily if it’s a good one. This one I was intrigued by the cover, I had no knowledge of this film or seen any trailer, I think that made the experience better.

The story is about Beth. Grieving the suicide of her husband. She decides to stay in a lake house he had built and she goes through his things and she then discovers the secrets of her husband.

For me the less you know the better so I will be careful with the review. I think this movie works perfectly as a suspense thriller and even horror at times. I found the movie to be terrifying at times and I admit that I looked away at times believing a sudden scare was coming. The story is so good because for me it was all unexpected. The images are hunting without showing much and in the end, for me, it is scarier because is your mind that is expecting things. I loved the twist the story takes.

Rebeca Hall gives a great performance. She leads a good cast, but it is mainly her.

If you like scary thrillers I can recommend this film. At least I found it suspenseful and thrilling.

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