Metal Lords (2022)

Directed by Peter Sollet

Starring Jaeden Martell, Adrian Greensmith, and Isis Hainsworth

The only thing that drew me to this movie was my love of Metal music and that was a central part of the story. It looked funny so I had it on my list.

Hunter and Kevin are best friends. Hunter has a dream of becoming a big heavy metal band and gets Kevin to play drums and he plays guitar.

That is the main story arc for this film, but the movie offers so many other themes like love and friendship. I have to say I loved the film. I thought it would be a typical teenage drama, and it has a lot of those elements like the bully, and the unknown kids versus the popular, but I liked the way it was written in the film. So, even with the common elements of the genre, the film still felt original. The three main characters’ stories were each unique and interesting and I got to care for them. It was a good film, I laughed, and yet there were drama elements to the story that made the film better for me. The best scene was seeing metal legends like Kirk Hammett and Judas Priest singer giving Kevin advice. The music was awesome, I have to say it.

Jaeden, Adrian, and Isis all shine in the movie. Especially, Adrian and Isis, I loved both of their performances.

I did not expect that I would like the movie so much but I did.

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