The Dropout (2022)

Created by Elizabeth Meriwether

Starring Amanda Seyfried, Naveen Andrews

This has become a new thing, this is the second or third mini-series based on a podcast. The thing is that those shows ended up being great.

The dropout tells the story of Elizabeth Holmes and the rise and fall of Theranos. The company had the goal of making a machine that could give correct diagnoses without needing a lot of blood from patients.

Of the other shows I have seen based on a podcast, this is my least favorite. Is another story of greed. I would say that if you want to know what happened you should see the HBO documentary about Holmes. Now what the show did that made it fascinating to me was the character study of Elizabeth, her changes and her ability to manipulate and lie were the one thing that kept me seeing the show. The show was good, it had a lot of drama and it was just sad how these people knowing they could harm people with a false diagnosis still went on. Sadly, the three shows are related to health issues, The Death Doctor and Dopesick also dealt with medical issues and the trust of the patients.

Amanda Seyfried was so good as Elizabeth. She gave a great performance. The whole cast was very good.

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