Jesus Music (2021)

As a Christian, the music is a big part of how the message gets across. I wanted to see this documentary because of Stryper which was included in a segment.

This documentary takes a look at the development of Christian music from the early 1970s to recent years.

I loved the fact that I learned a lot of history in the documentary about Jesus and how music entered the hippie culture. In a lot of ways, I felt a journey similar to what secular music has gone through. There are moments where it became an industry and the music just becomes a formula and then God led the music to where it should be, at least that is how I felt.

There are hard segments to see about that speak hard on the church. The stories of the unforgiveness in the Christian community to artist making mistakes is so true. The part where Mercy me stood up for Amy Grant was very moving. I liked the last segment of the film more because I felt more like it went back to focus on God even if the fame part was lower than those who sang in years before.

It was a good documentary for a Christian to see but also for a music fan or a person who enjoys documentaries about history and things that happened.

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