Lo Que le pasó a Santiago (1989)

Directed by Jacobo Morales

Starring Tommy Muñiz and Gladys Rodríguez

This is a film made in Puerto Rico, where I am from, many years ago and it has been brought back to theaters honoring its main actor Tommy Muñiz on what would have been his 100th birthday. I wanted to see it again because I have not seen it in years and the movie it’s not accessible as other films available to rent or stream.

The story is about Santiago, a retired accountant who falls in love with a woman younger than him and a mysterious one who does not reveal much of herself.

What a beautiful film. I have to praise the story and seeing it after so many years was something special. To see Puerto Rico as it was at that time. I have to say that this film was worthy of its Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Film. I loved the love story with a touch of mystery and fantasy with the spirit of his wife’s presence in the film. The characters are well written by Jacobo Morales who also directed. Seeing it now as an adult I have to say I appreciated the story more and liked the movie more. The beauty of the island is so present in the movie, I hope many take the time to see it because the film is not available to buy as far as I know.

The actors are well known here in Puerto Rico and they all shine. Tommy Muñiz was great as Santiago, showing the change from routine life to the new joy he found with meeting Angelina. Gladys Rodríguez shined as the mysterious Angelina. René Monclova and Johanna Rosalí also shine.

A great film and still the only Oscar-nominated movie from Puerto Rico. I’m glad I got to see it again.

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