Moonshot (2022)

Directed Chris Winterbauer

Starring Cole Sprouse, Lana Condor, Zach Braff

There are times when you hear about a film from word of mouth. I saw no promotion for the film and when it popped on HBO Max I thought it was a series.

The story is about Walt who is trying hard to get into a space flight to Mars. He then meets Sophie and uses her to sneak onboard the ship. They are both stuck together on the trip as he pretends to be Cole, Sophie’s boyfriend who is waiting for her on Mars, so he does not get caught.

After the film ended all I could say was what a great movie. Taking away the expected aspects of a love story, I have not seen a more original or fun love story in a long while. The story is so good and I loved the two characters and the way the relationship grows, it grew organically and I did not feel it was forced. It had a lot of good characters that complemented the two main characters. I love it when a movie just surprises me because I had no idea about this film or seen anything about it and I liked it a lot.

Cola and Lana were so good in the film. Both were likable and charming and had good chemistry together. I liked the supporting cast also.

Available on HBO Max I have to say that I loved the film. It was a good love story and a fun movie.

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