Oscars 2022

One of my favorite nights of the year is Oscar night. The night where movies are celebrated and as a sport see if your favorite wins. Last year’s show was not that good and the films were not as good as the ones running this year.

The show started with the three hosts. Amy Schumer, Regina Hall, and Wanda Sykes. I thought they did a good job. They were funny and worked well together. Amy was the edgy one with jokes like “hiring three women was cheaper than hiring one man”. Regina Hall made me laugh with her calling 5 actors for a “covid test”, the joke is that she is single and she picked actors like Bradly Cooper to go backstage. So, there were hit and misses but overall they did a good job.

The moment that sadly everyone is talking about is the altercation between Chris Rock and Will Smith. When Rock made a joke about Jada appearing in GI Jane 2, that made Will angry and he slapped the comedian. Both men are wrong in my opinion. The one sad thing is that Will finally won and no one is talking about that. He should have yelled at him and made his point without hitting Rock.

The big winner of the night was Coda. Winning best-adapted screenplay, best supporting actor, and Best Picture. I was so happy to see Troy win for his great performance. Ariana DeRose won supporting actress for her role in West Side Story. Best Actor went to Will Smith for his great performance in King Richards and Best Actress went to Jessica Chastain for The eye of Tammy Faye.

For better or worse, this was a memorable show.

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