The Lost City (2022)

Directed by Adam and Aaron Nee

Starting Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum, Daniel Radcliffe, Brad Pitt

I wanted to see this one, when I saw the trailer the movie looked like it was fun. I am a fan of Sandra Bullock, I believe she has made a few of these kinds of films that are entertaining, nothing serious but fun to see.

The story is about Loretta, she is a writer of adventure novels and she does not want to do the press tour to promote the book. When she leaves the press conference she is taken by a guy who read her book and discovered that she used an ancient language and believes she can help him find a lost jewel. When her cover model goes to rescue her the real adventure begins.

Well, being honest, I went into the theater knowing that I was going to see a movie that at best would be entertaining. This is the typical Bullock film were some are good others not so good. For me, this one was good. The story was a satire of Indiana Jones-type films and has some funny moments. I thought the character played by Tatum was going to be another idiot character, and in some ways it was but it was acceptable and not annoying. The story is ok, it is good enough to be entertained.

The performances are the key and this one had good actors. Bullock and all the main cast all do their parts in making the movie fun. I particularly liked Radcliffe and Brad Pitt in the movie.

I think this is a good option for a date night if you want to see a movie and have a good time. Don’t go looking for a masterpiece, just go and have fun.

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