Pure McCartney (2016)

Executive Produced by Paul McCartney

There are other compilations of Paul McCartney’s hits. There is the album released in the ’80s named All the best, one of the first albums of Paul as a solo artist that I had. Then in the early 2000s came Wngspan covering his time with Wings. So what would make this collection special?

Ok, I was quick to purchase this collection even though I had the albums because it was good to have these songs together even if it’s on various CDs. it is a big collection of songs on four CDs. it spans Paul’s entire career as a solo artist. Also, I like that it was designed as a playlist, it is in no order, from McCartney the next track could be from flaming Pie for example and that made it fun for me.

The collection has the hits but also has great songs that were album tracks and not radio hits. For example, what other collection would include the fun song Temporary Secretary, only these one because it did not intend to give the listener just the hits. I’ve had this collection for years and today I was in the mood for McCartney and decided on this box set because it covers all his music. The package is also nice, it has a lot of cool pictures, I would have loved for the lyrics to be included but that is the only thing that for me was missing.

So for any new Beatles fan trying to venture into their solo work, in terms of Paul, this is a nice place to start and then go into the albums. Check the picture for the tracks included.

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