Windfall (2022)

Directed by Charlie McDowell

Starring Lilly Collins, Jason Segel, Jesse Plemons

I was searching for a movie to see and I saw this new film on Netflix that I knew the actors and read what it was about and I decided to see it.

The story is about this man that decides to enter this empty house and stays there a while and after a while, he then steals some jewelry and money that was in the house. When he was about to leave the couple that owned the arrive and catch him. He takes them, hostage, until the money he asked for arrives at the house.

So this film was nothing of what I thought it would be. Because of Segel, I thought it was a comedy but it turned out to be a phycological study of these three characters and how they deal with the situation. I think this is the kind of film some will find boring, and there might be some truth to that but I held on because I became interested in the dialogue and the characters. So, even though the part about the thief taking hostages it’s not new, I think the part about the characters and how they unravel was clever and well written.

The performances were very good. Lily Collins was the best out of the three in my opinion. Segel surprised me, I have only seen him in silly comedy films and in How I met Your Mother. Plemons is appearing in a few films this year, he was in Power of the dog, he also gives a good performance.

So even if I expected something else, I ended up enjoying the film anyway. I don’t think it’s for everyone but for me at least it was interesting and has a great ending. Not a masterpiece of a movie, but I think it’s a good movie.

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