You again (2010)

Directed by Andy Fickman

Starring Jaime Lee Curtis, Kirsten Bell, Sigourney Weaver, Odette Yustman, Betty White

It is funny sometimes how you find films to see. This movie I don’t even remember if I saw it or not, but I was searching for films or other shows where some of the cast of the show Step by Step appeared, and based on IMDB three people from the show were in this movie.

The story is about is mainly about Marni Olsen. She is a successful woman working in public relations. She is set to go back home to her brother’s wedding when she finds out that she is marrying the girl that used to bully her in high school. The awkward situation gets worse when the bride’s aunt used to be her best friend her mother. It all turns ugly when they start trying to beat each other.

The film is a typical comedy where two characters dislike each other and try to ruin each other’s lives, I can think of films like Bride Wars and other films like that. For me, I don’t mind the used-up story if behind that there is a good story and good characters. I have to start by saying that this film is not a masterpiece, but I did have fun with it. I liked that they went fo generations of nemesis in that both mother and daughter were facing their high school nemesis and in different circumstances. Kirsten Bell’s character was bullied and Jaime Lee Curtis, who plays Bell’s mother, was the one doing the bullying. So it was a case of both of them being the victims. It had its funny moment but for me, I just liked the story and the characters.

Kirsten, Jaime, and Sigourney were good in the film and they were funny. The presence of Betty White just adds so much, she is definitively funny. The film did have three actors from Step by Step, it was good to see two of them because I could not find the actress that played Dana in Step by Step.

It’s a fun movie to see, don’t expect anything great but a film that is enjoyable with a nice story and Betty White being funny.

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