Deep Water (2022)

Directed by Adrian Lyne

Starring Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas

I was interested in this movie since I saw the trailer. I like Ben Affleck and his recent movies and the trailer made this one look interesting. The film falls into the category of an erotic thriller, a genre that has many good movies and some not-so-good movies. Lyne, who directs this one, has made several good erotic thrillers including Unfaithful, Indecent Proposal, and the great film Fatal Attraction.

This film focuses on one couple. Vic and Melinda are a married couple. They are very wealthy and have a daughter and, on the outside, everything looks perfect. But Melinda because of Vic not being emotional or passionate enough, has multiple affairs without trying to hide them. The effect this has on Vic is the main focus of the film.

When I look at the list of films Lyne has directed, I have to say this one disappointed me. When Fatal Attraction kept you on edge as to what Glen Close’s character would do next, or Unfaithful with the drama of this woman who had the affair and the good husband who then kills her lover in a moment of rage was an interesting look at human nature, the same with Indecent Proposal, all great films. But this one failed, I felt it was uninteresting, so Melinda had sex with any guy she wanted and Vic was jealous. It had no suspense, I knew who the killer was from the beginning and the ending was so disappointing as I was still waiting for something clever or unexpected.

Ben and Ana’s performances were good, but not enough to save this movie for me. It had a good cast who all did their jobs and played their parts but nothing memorable. I think the story itself was not good and they did what they could.

I can only speak for myself and I did not like the film. It was too predictable, the story was not thrilling and nothing interesting happens.

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