Too Funny to Fail: The Life and Death of the Dana Carvey Show (2017)

Directed by Josh Greenbaum

I saw this title on Hulu and it caught my interest just on the fact that I know Carvey from SNL and I had no idea or memory about this show. So even though Dana Carvey has never been among my favorites from SNL, I decided to see it.

The documentary focuses on the show and its short run on television. Based on what the documentary showed, it was an irreverent comedy show that maybe was too much for prime time. Lasting only 8 episodes, and that is strangely based on the talent involved. That show marked the beginning of Steve Carell and Steven Colbert’s careers. And the writers include Lois C.k. and Charlie Kauffman who later would write such films as Adaptation and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

It was interesting to learn that on that show aired for the first time the animated short The Ambiguously Gay duo that later was part of SNL, with Carrell and Colbert doing the voices.

It was a strange show indeed but the documentary left me curious about the show and I will search for clips on YouTube. I thought it was interesting and because of the clips funny documentary to see.

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