Turning Red (2022)

Directed by Domee Shi

Starting Rosalie Chang, Sandra Oh

If one animation studio has made great animated movies id definitively be Pixar. Not that all films they do are great, the majority of them I have to say I have enjoyed them. This one thing that struck me weird is that they decided to put it directly to Disney + and not give it a theater run. This made me think that maybe it was as good.

The story is about Mei Lee, is a thirteen girl that tries to please everyone, especially her mother. She hangs out with her friends and their wish is to go to a concert by this boy band knowns as 4-town. Mei’s mother is too strict and overprotective and this causes Mai to get stressed on one occasion she turned into a red panda. There she discovers that an ancestor of hers asked the gods to turn into a panda to protect her family and since then the women in the family has that ability. She will need to contain it until May 25th when she will be able to do a ritual to get rid of the panda.

Ok, so this one is one of those Pixar movies that are not that great. Maybe it suffered at the beginning of the film. I was not liking the main characters and it was later when the main theme of the story came to the front that was I able to enjoy it more. Because one thing can be said about Pixar, they look to put stories that have heart and not just to entertain the kids and the theme on the film about the relationship between mother and daughter was nice and I like that part. But definitively, Pixar has made better films in my opinion. But this one is not bad by any means, but not one of its best ones either.

But it is a good choice since it’s on Disney + and you already pay for the service to have. a family movie night.

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