Pam and Tommy (2022)

Created by Robert Siegel

Starring Sebastian Stan, Lilly James, Seth Rogen, Andrew Dice Clay

It is impossible to not know about Pamela and Tommy Lee if you grew up in the 90s. First of all, I was a fan of Motley Crüe and yes I use to see Baywatch. Both of them were huge stars by the time they got together.

This mini-series focuses on their time together. We see how they meet and get married. But when a carpenter gets fired without getting paid for the work done by Lee he decides to steal his safe. Inside was a tape from Pam and Tommy’s honeymoon and he decides to sell it.

I have to say that of course, I knew about the tape but I had no idea about how it happened and what it caused. I think this is a show that needs to be seen as an eye-opener on the cause this has on the celebrity, that in the end is just a person. The effect it had on Anderson, even if she did Playboy, was that tape was private and she did not agree to release it. We get to see the difference between how Tommy is treated as a hero while Pam gets seen as something else. For me, it is a sad story of two people who loved each other but the outside world got in and it was too much for them to handle and of course Lee’s frustration and temper. Is sad to say that even with all the harm this did, people still steal intimate pictures of celebrities and release them just for money.

Lilly James was amazing in her performance as Pamela. She was able to let the audience feel Pam’s sadness about the whole situation, how she was perceived and treated after. I don’t care what amount of nude pictures she made, that was her choice, this tape was private. James disappeared in the role and when you think of this show as just a wild and crazy show, you find that it’s deeper and that in many ways was possible because of James’s performance. Sebastian Stan also gave a great performance, I think Lee is an outrageous character in real life and Stan brought that to the mini-series but not as a parody, as a real study and performance. Both of them together have great chemistry.

Seth Rogan as the man who stole the tape was also good. I think that character takes us on a ride because at first, we feel for him, then we hate him, and then follow him as he tries to redeem himself.

By the end I was left sad for them, their relationship was against all odds to last without the mess, it was unfair to have this happen, even if Lee deserved it, one thing I liked was the moment Rand realized that Anderson did nothing to him and she was affected more than Lee. I liked the series a lot, it is funny with drama as well and full of great performances.

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