Billy Joel: Turnstiles (1976)

Produced by Billy Joel

Today I saw the news that Billy Joel is celebrating 50 years of his musical career. He stopped recording new music in 1993 but remains touring. I am a big fan of his work. He is one of my favorite songwriters. With such classics as Piano Man, Just the way you are, and many more. I wanted to join the celebration and share with you a review of one of his albums.

Now, I know for many his best album is The Stranger, the album that contains songs like Always a woman to me, “Moving out”, “Only the good die young” and “Scenes from an Italian restaurant” to name a few. But that is not the album I chose to review because as much as I love that album, I love Turnstiles even more. It is an album that reflects Billy’s return to New York as he leaves Hollywood behind. It is an album with great deep lyrics and great melodies.

The album starts with the great song “Say goodbye to Hollywood”. That song is one that always gets to me as it reflects on a reality of friendships, that sometimes go and fade. With lyrics like “say a word out of line and you find the friends you had are gone forever” and that last verse that just states that it’s time for goodbye again, it is to be simply a great piece of work lyrically musically by Joel. Another great song on this album is a song that I heard first as he sang it after the events of 9/11, “Miami 2017 (Seen the lights go out on Broadway) a song about New York being under attack but the people stood their ground. “Prelude/Angry young man” is another great song on this album. New York state of mind has grown on me and now I love it. my favorite song on the album is I’ve Loved these days, a song where Billy says goodbye to years of excess jilted ways, he is honest when he says he loved those days but now he has to change. Amazing song and the melody fits the words perfectly and is equally moving.

This is a special album for me and one of the great albums released by Billy Joel.

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