Outside in (2017)

Directed by Lynne Shelton

Starring Jay Duplas, Eddie Falco, Kaitlyn Dever

I found this independent film as I was looking for other works by Kaitlyn Dever. I have seen a few of her projects and I like her work and wanted to see more. This one was on Netflix.

The story is about Chris, he was wrongfully accused and convicted of a crime. Carol was his teacher and helped to get him released. As he leaves jail he wants to connect with Carol but she is married and has a daughter. She is now struggling with them because of the time she devoted to get Chris out of jail.

I have to say it’s a sweet story and as independent films often do, it focuses on human themes through the characters in the films. They feel authentic and that can be said about this film. It is not the greatest film I have seen, but it was ok.

In terms of performances the ones that stood out for me were Eddie Falco and Kaitlyn.

I can’t say that I was moved enough by the story to say that I liked the film. I don’t regret seeing it but it’s not a film I would tell someone to see.

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