Dopesick (2021)

Created by Danny Strong

Starring Michael Keaton, Peter Sarsgaard, Will Pouter, Kaitlyn Dever, Rosario Dawson

I had this show on my watchlist for a while but I never got to see it. After seeing Keaton win the Screen Actors Guild for best actor, I decided to see it.

Based on a true story about the opioid crisis. The show focuses on OxiContin a pain medication that a Pharmaceutical company was promoting as harmless when in fact it was addictive.

I have to say that the miniseries were great. I have not hated a character like I hated Richard (the owner of the company). The show was so well written. Honestly, it is heartbreaking to see what happens to some of the characters because even if they were not real, it is safe to say they are based on someone that went through the effects of the drugs. The show for me keeps you locked in and interested to see how the different investigations go and what happens to the characters.

The hard part about talking about this miniseries is that it is based on true events, so I’m sure some things are made up, the company and the drug did exist. It was frustrating at times, to see this company lie and just make money knowing they were lying about the drug.

The cast was amazing. Michael Keaton was amazing, his performance in this show was intense, heartbreaking, and just perfect. Kaitlyn Dever once again delivers a powerful performance as she did in the miniseries Unbelievable. Rosario Dawson and Peter Sarsgaard were both great and intense as their characters went against this big company.

As frustrating as it is, it’s worth watching. The quality of how the story is told and the acting make this a compelling series to see. For me it kept me watching each episode as fast as I could because I wanted to see how it all would end.

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