Belfast (2021)

Directed by Kenneth Branagh

Starring Caltríona Balfe, Judi Dench, Jaime Dornan, Jude Hill

I learned of this film because it received nominations on all major award ceremonies and because Kenneth was involved I thought it would be a good film. Also, I learned about true events that I had no idea happened.

The film tells the story of Buddy as he was growing up in Belfast. The film starts as he is having fun around the streets of Belfast until a mob of people breaks windows and houses wanting to get some people out. The film takes place during The Troubles, which was a conflict in Northern Ireland.

The film reminded me of some things to the film Jo Jo Rabbit, in the sense that it takes a true event and tells the story through the eyes of a child. I liked the movie a lot. It has a good story. Branagh shows in the film that he can write a good script and also shows his talent as a director. The scenes with the people breaking things and throwing rocks were beautifully shot. I do need to say that this film is pure drama and it is a film where we see the characters’ lives, it is not a film for those that need constant action or suspense.

I think the movie does not try to preach, it just tells a love story between the writer and Belfast, the place he grew up and had to leave because of the situation. So, we see things like protestants fighting Catholics but it is seen as an event, I did not feel it took sides, it just said how they should not be fighting.

I thought the movie worked because of the writing and directing, but also the performances. Jude Hill is great as Buddy as he captures the innocence of a child being broken with the things he is forced to see. Judi Dench is great as always and she delivers the one power line in the line when she says to them to go and never look back. The film has a good cast.

I thought the movie was good. It served as a way for me to know about something that happened in real life and it is a relatable story about growing up and the memories tied to where we grew up.

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