Darkest Hour (2021)

Directed by Joe Wright

Starring Gary Oldman, LillyJames, Kirsten Scott Thomas

I am interested in films that deal with the second world war. This film I wanted to see because of Gary Oldman. Here he finally won the Best Actor Oscar and I wanted to see his performance.

The film takes place at a time when the government demands the resignation of the current Prime Minister and he is replaced by Winston Churchill. He enters the Parlament at a crucial moment as they are fighting the Germans and trying to stop an invasion. While others want to negotiate with Hitler, Winston is clear in fighting them.

Although this one is more of a political look at the War and I don’t like many political films, I have to say this one was so well done that I enjoyed it. The movie was intense as this man fought to do what was right in a time that was dark as the title proclaims. The film’s most attractive part is the performances, but the story was is written in such a way that at least for me, it kept me interested and intrigued as this man went against other people in government that wanted to negotiate with Hitler.

Gary Oldman is one amazing actor and he is simply captivating in this film. I saw pictures and heard actual speeches of Churchill and Oldman nailed it. Lilly James provides a sweet performance as Churchill’s secretary and Kirsten Scott Thomas was great as Winston’s wife.

For me, the movie served as a vehicle to learn more about this man who I knew was an important figure but did not why. I’m sure not all in the film is accurate, but it was good to see the movie and a joy to watch Gary Oldman give yet another amazing performance.

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