Peacemaker (2022) no spoilers

Directed by James Gunn

Starring Jon Cena, Danielle Brooks, Freddie Stroma, Jennifer Holland, Robert Patrick

I have to be honest. Out of all the characters in Suicide Squad, Peacemaker was the one I did not like. So I was not excited about the show. I knew I would see it just to see it but I had few expectations on the show.

In this story, the Peacemaker is recruited to eliminate a group of butterflies that were taking over human bodies.

As I admitted that I did not like the character in the movie, I have to admit now that I loved the series. From the first episode, I was hooked. This show is a mix of good a good story, wacky characters, and just fun to watch. I liked its irreverent humor, the story was simple yet with lots of action and well-written characters. Also, this show had one of the coolest intros!

The cast was all great. They all worked well together and all had their moments. Is hard to say that one was better than the other.

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