Dr. Death (2021)

Starring Joshua Jackson, Alec Baldwin, and Christian Slater

This is one of those series that after you finish it you are left stunned by the story and the fact that it is based on real life.

Here is the story of Christopher Duntsch. He was a neurosurgeon that became known for harming his patients during surgery leaving them worse. The series takes a look at two doctors and their fight to stop him from working.

I have not been glued to a series in a long time. With this one, once I started it, I could not stop watching. The story is so unbelievable that I just needed to see how it ended and more so because I had never heard of this doctor. The only flaw for me was that it went back and forth in the timeline but this story had to be told that way, I just got lost sometimes.

SJoshua Jackson was amazing as the fatal doctor. The look at the end of the series was so chilling. But throughout the series, he gave a character that even before any wrongdoing was not likable and it got worse as the show went on. Christian Slater is a good actor and he is great here as the outspoken doctor Kirby. Alec Baldwin also gives a great performance. AnnaSophia Robb was great as the assistant district attorney who had to have the case.

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