Eddie Vedder “Earthling” (2022)

Produced by Andrew Watt

Eddie Vedder since the first Pearl Jam record is one of my favorite singers and songwriters. A good strategy to keep the band going is that they take time to pursue personal projects and then return to Pearl Jam. Here is the third solo record by Eddie and for me, it’s his best one without Pearl Jam.

Here he collaborates on all the songs with Andrew Watt and other people including Elton John. All lyrics were written by Vedder. I listened to the album now a couple of times and I love it. I enjoyed his Ukelele album, the soundtrack for Into the Wild had good songs, but this album to me is his best work as a solo artist. He is a true poet, out of all the grunge era to me he wrote the best lyrics.

In terms of this album, I thought it had a bit of everything. Rock songs like “Good and Evil”, “Power of right”, “Rose of Jericho” to name a few. Slow songs like “The Haves” (my favorite of the album). A little pop thanks to his collaboration with Elton John. The players include Ringo Starr on drums on one track. And the song “Long way” felt a little like a Tom Petty-type song.

I think is a great album that any fan of Pearl Jam and especially Eddie will enjoy. And even if you are not a fan I think it has enough good things for music lovers to enjoy.

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