Marry me (2022)

Directed by Kat Coiro

Starring Jennifer Lopez, Owen Wilson, Sarah Silverman

In the spirit of Valentine’s weekend, I decided to see Marry me since it was available in Peacock and I would have to go to a movie theater. I am not one of those that hate rom-com movies, some of them are good for their genre. I am not a fan of Jennifer Lopez, I have liked a few of her films but not a lot. And Owen it depends on the project.

The story is about Kat, she is a huge star and she is going to marry another famous singer and the wedding will be live on stage. On the day of the wedding, she finds out he was cheating on her and decides to marry a fan that had a sign saying marry me. His name was Charlie and he was a math teacher with a daughter.

What can I say, the movie is predictable and it just felt like I was watching Notting Hill or Music and Lyrics again in that it dealt with the famous person falling for a regular person to say it like that. It is not bad but forgettable. Nice to see it with your significant other but not a great movie. There was no real chemistry between them and it did not feel believable, at least for me.

The story was fine but again too predictable. It had its good things, I laughed a few times and did not mind seeing it to the end.

The performances are where they failed to me because they could not make it believable. Sarah Silverman provided the laughs for me at least.

I would say pay peacock for a month that costs less than going to a theater if you want to see it and you don’t consider yourself a fan

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