St. Vincent (2014)

Directed by Theodore Melfi

Starring Bill Murray, Melissa McCarthy, Naomi Watts, Jaeden Lieberher, Terrence Howard

When this movie came out I remember that I only saw it as Bill Murray trying to win an Oscar. I don’t know why I had that thought or why did that stop me from seeing the film back then. I honestly like Bill Murray both in comedies and in drama films. In fact, like I do with Jim Carrey, I like his dramatic roles more than the comedy films he has made, even if he started as a comedy actor. Years later, I saw the trailer on Netflix and decided to see it.

The story is about Vincent, he is a Vietnam veteran who is often in a bad mood, grumpy towards people. When new neighbors move in, his life is changed. He suddenly becomes a care-taker for Oliver, he lives with her mother who is single and working and sometimes has to work late and Oliver stays with Vincent.

I have to say that I enjoyed the film. To me is a film in the style of great films like Scent of a Woman and About a boy where you have eccentric characters who bond with a child or a young student in the case of Scent of a Woman. For these film to work, the character has to be even with the flaws. I think Vincent works as that kind of character.

I liked the story and all the characters involved. The movie is funny and at the same time it has some touching moments. It is predictable in the sense that you know where the relationship with the kid will go, but the wat they get there was well-written.

Bill Murray is great as Vincent. He became this character and gave a subtle and nice performance. Melissa McCarthy and Naomi Watts both gave good performances and complement Murray well. A main character that needed a good kid actor was of course Oliver and I liked Jaeden’s performance. It was nice seeing his performance with Murray.

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